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How to Resolve When Docker Daemon not Running

Running into issues with Docker not starting can be a frustrating experience, especially when your workflow heavily relies on containerized applications. In this guide, we’ll walk you through simple and effective steps to troubleshoot and resolve the problem when Docker refuses to run on your system. If you’re looking for a reliable solution provider to solve this kind of problem then contact SuportFly which is the best docker consulting service provider with many years of experience and certified admins.

Docker is an open-source, cross-platform program that is free to use and makes development more stable and efficient. Docker makes it easy to test and launch your software quickly. It gives developers a container, which is a separate space where they can package and run apps. A Docker daemon is a background process that keeps the containers on a system running. Its main job is to get orders from APIS and do what they say. The error “the Docker daemon is not running” may appear sometimes. This may be the result of a missing Linux kernel on Windows or the Docker service not being operational.

This article will instruct you how to fix the “docker daemon is not running” Docker problem.

The Docker Daemon Is Not Running

If the Docker daemon not running on the host computer, execution of Docker commands may fail, and you may experience complications when attempting to start Docker containers. The following is a list of actions that you can take to look into and resolve the problem:

By using the following command, you can check the current status of the Docker daemon:

- sudo systemctl start docker

If the Docker daemon not running currently on your system, you will be provided with an error notice saying that the service has either failed or is inactive. If the service is not currently functioning, you have the option of manually starting it by using the following command:

- sudo systemctl start docker

By using the following command, you can check whether or not there are any problems with the installation or configuration of Docker:

- sudo docker info

If the command cannot be executed, there may be problems with the way Docker was installed or configured on your computer. You can try installing Docker again or look at the Docker instructions for steps on how to fix the problem.

To determine whether or not Docker is incompatible with any other virtualization technologies or firewalls, briefly disable those components one at a time and then retry starting Docker. For instance, you might need to briefly turn off VirtualBox in order to start the Docker daemon.

By using the following command, you can check the Docker logs to see whether they include any issues or warnings:

- sudo journalctl -u docker .service

This command will show the Docker daemon service’s logs, which can help you figure out what’s wrong if the Docker daemon not running.

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Other Steps To Check If The Docker Daemon Is Running Or Not

Step 1: Check Docker Service Status

Before diving into complex solutions, let’s start with the basics. Open your terminal or command prompt and type:

- docker info

This command will provide information about the Docker daemon. If the docker daemon not running, you might see an error message indicating the issue.

Step 2: Restart Docker Service

If the Docker daemon not running, try restarting the Docker service. Execute the following command:

- sudo service docker restart # Use 'sudo' if you're on Linux

For Windows, you might need to restart the Docker Desktop application.

Step 3: Check for Resource Conflicts

Docker might fail to start if there are conflicts with other services or applications using the same ports. Ensure that no other applications are occupying the ports Docker uses.

Step 4: Verify System Reboot

Sometimes, a simple system reboot can solve Docker startup issues. Restart your computer and check if Docker starts successfully afterward.

Step 5: Review System Logs

Inspecting system logs can provide valuable insights. Look for Docker-related error messages by examining logs such as:

For Linux

- journalct] -xe | grep docker

For Windows

Check the Windows Event Viewer for Docker-related entries.

Step 6: Reinstall Docker

If the problem persists, consider reinstalling Docker. First, uninstall Docker and then download the latest version from the official Docker website.


Facing issues with Docker daemon not running is a common challenge, but the solutions provided above should help you troubleshoot and resolve the issue efficiently. Remember to check for updates and consult Docker’s official documentation or community forums for the latest information.

Docker is a container management system, and the Docker daemon is the backend service that controls Docker containers. In order to resolve the issue that the Docker daemon not running, you must first determine whether or not the service that is associated with Docker Desktop is now running. If the service is functioning, the WSL package should be brought up to date. Following the completion of these steps, the error that was mentioned will be resolved.