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How to Change/Reset Your cPanel Password?

In the dynamic world of web hosting, security is a very important part. One crucial aspect of maintaining a secure online presence is regularly updating and protecting your passwords. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll guide you through the process of how to change/reset your cPanel password. This guide is a part of our cPanel server management to guide you about cPanel. Whether you’re a website owner or a server administrator, ensuring a strong and secure password is key to protecting your valuable online assets. But, first, let’s understand why is it important to change/reset your cPanel password.

Why Change Your cPanel Password?

Before delving into the steps of how to change/reset your cPanel password, let’s briefly understand why it’s essential to do so regularly through the following important points:

1. Security Enhancement:

Regularly changing your password is a proactive measure to enhance the security of your cPanel account. By doing this, the possibility of unwanted access is reduced.

2. Password Strength:

Updating your password allows you to incorporate the latest password security best practices. The use of a combination of both upper and lowercase letters, digits, and special characters is included in this.

3. Protection Against Breaches:

In the event of a data breach or if you suspect any compromise, changing your cPanel password promptly can prevent unauthorized individuals from exploiting your account.

4. Compliance Requirements:

Some security standards and compliance regulations recommend or require regular password changes. Adhering to these standards is crucial for maintaining a secure online environment.

How to Change/Reset Your cPanel Password

How to Change Your cPanel Password?

Now, let’s explore the step-by-step process of changing your cPanel password:

Step 1: Log in to cPanel

  • Once you have your preferred web browser open, enter the URL of your cPanel account. This is usually in the format or https://yourIP:2083, replacing “” or “yourIP” with your actual domain or server IP address.
  • Enter your current cPanel username and password to log in.

Step 2: Navigate to “Change Password”

  • After logging in, navigate to the “Security” area by scrolling down.
  • To make the required changes, select the “Change Password” or “Password & Security” option from the menu.
How to Change Your cPanel Password

Step 3: Enter Current and New Password

  • In the “Old Password” or “Current Password” field, enter your existing cPanel password.
  • In the “New Password” field, enter a strong and secure new password. Ensure it meets the specified strength requirements.
How to Change Your cPanel Password

Step 4: Save Changes

  • Click the “Change your password now!” or “Change Password” button.
  • For confirmation, you should get a message informing you that your new password was appropriately changed.

Step 5: Update Password in Password Manager (Optional)

  • If you use a password manager, update the cPanel password in your password manager for seamless future logins.
  • You’ve successfully changed your cPanel password, contributing to the overall security of your web hosting account.

How to Reset Your cPanel Password

In situations where you’ve forgotten your cPanel password or need to reset it for security reasons, follow these steps:

Step 1: Access the cPanel Login Page

  • Go to your cPanel login page (as mentioned in Step 1 above).
How to Reset Your cPanel Password

Step 2: Click on “Forgot Password”

  • Below the login fields, you’ll find an option such as “Forgot Password” or “Reset Password.” Click on it.

Step 3: Enter Email Address or Username

  • Provide the email address associated with your cPanel account or enter your cPanel username.
  • Click on the “Reset Password” or “Submit” button.

Step 4: Check Your Email

  • You’ll receive an email containing instructions and a link to reset your password. Check your inbox and follow the provided link.

Step 5: Set a New Password

  • Once redirected to the password reset page, enter a new strong and secure password.
  • Confirm the new password.

Step 6: Save Changes

  • Click the “Change Password” or “Reset Password” button to save the changes.

Step 7: Log In with New Password

  • Return to the cPanel login page and log in using your cPanel username and the newly set password.
  • By following these steps, you’ve successfully reset your cPanel password, ensuring continued access to your web hosting account.

Tips for a Secure cPanel Password

Now that you’ve changed or reset your cPanel password, consider implementing the following tips to maintain a secure online environment:

1. Use a Unique Password:

Avoid using the same password for multiple accounts. Each account, including cPanel, should have a unique and distinct password.

2. Regularly Update Your Password:

Schedule periodic password updates to stay ahead of potential security threats.

3. Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA):

If supported by your hosting provider, enable two-factor authentication for an additional layer of security.

4. Monitor Account Activity:

Regularly review your cPanel account activity to identify and address any suspicious behavior promptly.

5. Educate Users on Security Best Practices:

If you manage a server with multiple users, educate them on password security best practices to collectively strengthen your online security posture.


Changing or resetting your cPanel password is a fundamental aspect of maintaining a secure web hosting environment. By following the outlined steps and incorporating password security best practices, you contribute to safeguarding your online assets and reducing the risk of unauthorized access. Regularly revisit and update your passwords to stay resilient against evolving cybersecurity threats. Remember, a strong password is your first line of defense in the dynamic landscape of web hosting security.

With this detailed blog, we provided you with a step-by-step guide to Change/Reset Your cPanel Password. By following these steps, you’ll have an idea of how to Change/Reset Your cPanel Password efficiently to keep your website, control panel and hosting services secure. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, cPanel simplifies the complexities of web hosting management.

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