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cPanel Email Quota Limit Exceeded – How to Fix it?

When you make an email account in cPanel, it might start with a default size limit (usually 100MB or 250MB). Even if your email is not very busy, this limit can fill up fast.

You can choose the size limit when making an email account or change it later if you’re running out of space.

If an account goes over its size limit, it won’t get any more emails. Instead, a message will be sent back to the person who tried to email you, saying that your mailbox is full.

Here is an example:

cPanel Email Quota Limit Exceeded

It is a major part of our cPanel server management service to guide you through everything in easy words. This guide will teach you how to make your email space bigger in cPanel, and you get to pick how much!

Increasing your Email Quota in cPanel

Follow these steps to increase your email quota in cPanel:

1. Click on the Email Accounts Icon

This will open the email account administration section.

Checkout the red box in the image below.

Click on the Email Accounts Icon

Once you complete Step 1, you should find yourself in the Email Accounts area of cPanel, where the “Email Accounts” tab is highlighted.

Now, select the “Disk and Quota Link” next to the email account you’ve chosen to uncover the settings.

Select ‘Disk and Quota’ link for your chosen Email Account

3. Enter New Mailbox Quota

Now, you will find an option to adjust the Mailbox Quota.

You have two choices:

  • Custom Mailbox Size: You can type in a specific size in MB.
  • Maximum Mailbox Size: This option shows the maximum mailbox size, either set by your host or labeled as “unlimited.”

When selecting a Mailbox Quota, make sure that it:

  • Stays within the limitations of your web hosting plan.
  • Is within the allowed maximum quota. On 32-bit operating systems, the maximum is 4096GB, and on 64-bit operating systems, it’s 4TB.

If your custom mailbox size goes beyond these limits, a red warning box will appear.

Note: The mailbox quota amount excludes emails in your mailbox’s trash folder.

Enter New Mailbox Quota

4. Click ‘Save’

After you’ve made the adjustments to your preferred settings and are satisfied, click the “Save” button to confirm and apply the changes.

Click ‘Save’

Disk Quota Email Notifications in the Mailbox

For shared servers, most server providers establish a maximum mailbox size for your cPanel account.

If there’s a limit set for your cPanel account, you’ll likely get email notifications as you approach your mailbox quota. By default (though your host might have adjusted the specific thresholds in the cPanel WebHost Manager (WHM)), you will receive warnings at these levels:

  • “Warn” at 80% full
  • “Critical” at 90% full
  • “Full” at 98% full

When you get a warning, you can take action, such as increasing your mailbox quota or removing old emails.

Cannot Change MailDir Size! Error

Sometimes, when attempting to update the mailbox quota size, you might encounter an error message. No need to worry; it’s a fixable issue.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Log in to cPanel.
  2. Click on File Manager, located under the File section.
  3. Now, pick the “mail” folder from the file tree on the left side.
  4. Open the folder for the email address account you were trying to adjust the mailbox quota for.
  5. Look for the “maildirsize” file, right-click on it, and choose delete. Once you’ve removed the file, you can follow the steps mentioned earlier to change the mailbox quota.


Dealing with cPanel email quota limit issues may seem daunting at first, but with a systematic approach, you can efficiently manage and resolve the problem. Regular maintenance, awareness of email usage patterns, and implementing the suggested solutions will help you keep your cPanel email accounts running smoothly without encountering quota-related interruptions. Remember, effective email management is the key to a hassle-free and efficient communication experience.