Zimbra Email Server Management

Zimbra is an alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server. Zimbra is a complete email, address book, calendar and tasks solution that can be accessed from the Zimbra Web Client, Zimbra Desktop offline client, Outlook and a variety of other standards-based email clients and mobile devices. Zimbra is an open source software. It can be deployed as a traditional binary install on Linux, or as a software virtual appliance, commonly referred to as Zimbra appliance.

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Benefits of Zimbra Mail & Collaboration

Mobile Independent

Zimbra can synchronize with almost any mobile platforms also support thunderbird, Outlook Express and any standard POP/IMAP Client.

Zimbra Briefcase

You can upload documents, spreadsheets, ppts, images, pdf files from your computer and access them whenever you log in from any computer.

Reliable Platform

Migration tools, clustering, full backup and restore, extensive command line interface and AJAX Admin Console give more security and span-of-control.

End to End Security

All remote access is encrypted with SSL certificate and a real-time Anti-Virus (ClamAV) and Spam filtering (SpamAssassin) make your Zimbra secure.

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