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Our OpenStack Services brings cloud computing within the reach of SMB by allowing them significant cost reductions and by taking cloud computing into a new dimension thanks to its great potential. Our OpenStack server solutions provide you with servers specially integrated and optimized by a knowlegeable team of OpenStack specialists. They are not only very interesting and appealing by their composition, but also because we offer it in more than 100 countries worldwide. Our OpenStack server solution is also extremely flexible, yet easy to use and deploy, which allows economies of scale. Supportfly supports OpenStack by proposing OpenStack Server Management and datacenter solutions with many customizable features and complimentary services.

Our feature-rich OpenStack cloud solution is massively scalable, designed for high security and for automation of resources. The use of the OpenStack virtualization allows institutions, businesses or corporations to store and process diverse large-volume projects, images or data, to handle heavy computing demands or large networks of virtual machines simultaneously. OpenStack server solutions translate into significant savings without jeopardizing the system’s availability. Different operating systems can be run at the same time on a single server or on standard hardware.

Be it for a service providers, IT departments, major data processors, large-scale computing or high-performance computing (HPC), a sophisticated and powerful computing tool such as our OpenStack servers demands more than average technical skills, but the benefits of this public cloud platform are convincing. Supportfly can help you build your own public or private cloud by hosting it on an OpenStack server in the best conditions and location.


Advantages of OpenStack Cloud Solutions

When it's time to build your own private cloud, OpenStack provides the framework — and Bright makes it easy.


Turnkey deployment of

Wizard-guided deployment starts at bare metal


Simplifies use of

Intuitive GUI eases management of users, tenants, and instances


Future-proof investment in

Best-of-breed management solution

Features of OpenStack Management

Managed Service Plans

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