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IOS App Development Cost in 2024: Understanding Crucial Aspects

There has been an increase in the number of internet users worldwide, as well as the availability of better network connections at a low cost, even in remote areas of the world. That’s why the business world’s interest in app development has increased drastically. A Statista report predicts that the growing demand for mobile applications will propel the global market for mobile app development to reach $407.31 billion by 2026.

Apple’s iOS holds the largest share of the smartphone operating system market in the United States as well as worldwide, claiming more than half of the market as of March 2024. The global iOS market share is 20.7%.

So if you are planning to join the iOS app development world for your organisation’s growth, you are on the right track. In this blog, we will discuss the average cost of iOS app development. You will get detailed information about how much it cost to develop an iOS app.

The Significance of IOS App Development

Now you are fairly familiar with the iOS market share worldwide. So you can’t escape the iOS app development as it will help in your business growth to reach out to a large number of customers.Let’s look at some important points to understand the significance of iOS app development.

1. Global Market Share

We already discussed the growing market of iOS Apps in the world and USA. The global iOS market share is 20.7%. Because of its large numbers of user base , it’s a crucial platform for companies looking to reach and  tech-savvy consumers.

The data indicates that a broader demographic is utilising apps created especially for iOS devices. In the process of creating an iOS app, numerous deliverables are guaranteed. Moreover, businesses seeking to monetize their apps find Apple users to be an appealing market due to their reputation for being high-spending individuals.

2. User Engagement

User engagement for iOS mobile apps is generally higher than android counterparts. It’s because of Apple’s strict policy regarding app reviews.This system ensures app quality and reduces the number of poor apps available.

Additionally, iOS users frequently spend more money on app features via in-app purchases. That shows a willingness to participate as well. Consumers enjoy using iOS apps due to their seamless integration and user-friendly interface, leading to increased engagement and retention.

3. Quality and Security

In terms of quality and security, iOS devices are the best on the market. Apple has strict guidelines and security measures to improve the user experience. Developers are required to follow coding standards, design guidelines, and privacy policies set by Apple. It results in apps that are reliable, user-friendly, and free from major security vulnerabilities.

4. Best UI Interface

Apple offers better functionality ,visual effects and superior user interface for iOS apps compared to android.

5. Brand Image

iOS apps and development teams play a key role in enhancing a company’s brand image. Providing a simple and intuitive experience on iOS devices allows companies to demonstrate their commitment to quality and innovation.

Apple’s strict app guidelines also ensure that only high-quality apps make it onto the App Store, helping to create a positive impression of your brand among users.Additionally, iOS apps are subject to higher security standards.his further strengthens consumer trust  in your brand.

6. Best Tools And Assistance

Apple’s integrated development environment(IDE) XCode provides a comprehensive set of tools for designing, coding, testing and debugging applications. It also has a feature of user interface builder and tool for performance analysis. Swift Playground for experimenting with code in a playful environment.

Furthermore, Apple engineers have access to a wide range of resources through the Apple Developer Program, including documentation, sample code, assemblies, and support, resulting in a more collaborative and productive ecosystem.These tools and support systems help developers create high-quality, efficient, and secure iOS apps.In addition, they ensure that the development process runs smoothly.

Why Is It Important to Analyze the Costs of Developing an iOS App ?

1. To Manage Finance

An understanding of the cost that will be needed to develop iOS apps, allows businesses to plan their budget more accurately. It may be the cost of software, equipment, hiring employees, market price for the apps,post installation maintenance cost.Having a clear estimate of these financial needs helps businesses avoid liquidity shortages.

2. Better Resource Allocation

If we have an estimate about the app development cost, it helps businesses to manage other resources and help them for better allocation. It helps them to allocate contractors, programmers, and other team members appropriately. Moreover, it ensures the project runs smoothly with resources becoming scarce or unnecessary. Financial resources include not only funds but also human resources for proper division of labour.

Project managers can know the estimated costs in advance. It helps them to properly allocate contractors, programmers, and other team members.Moreover, it ensures that the project runs smoothly even if resources are scarce or no longer needed.

3. Customised Features

Analyzing the cost of developing an iOS app enables businesses to prioritise features based on budget constraints and business goals. Businesses can make more informed decisions by understanding the financial implications of each feature. They can choose which features to include in the initial version of the app. And which features to prioritise for future app updates. Furthermore, this results in a more accurate and focused development process.

4. Smooth Transition of Project

Analyzing all types of cost before project helps to set realistic expectations and establish a clear client communication strategy is essential to the success of the project. Establishes clear goals, timelines, milestones, and regular updates to ensure alignment and clarity with client and development teams.

Factors that Determine the Cost of IOS App Development

1. App Size and Scale

As iOS apps grow in size, the number of screens and features also increases, which increases the development time and cost. There are various methods and processes  to decide which features to choose.Therefore, you can start  validating your app idea and its features before starting app development.

Also, conduct  thorough market research including competitive analysis, focusing specifically on areas such as what devices users use, what features they value, and what hinders a good user experience. All this can be done through research.

iOS App SizeAverage Development TimeAverage Development Cost
Small app development cost2-4 months$8,000-25,000
Medium app development cost4-8 months$25,000-50,000
Complex app development cost8+ months$50,000+

2. App Category

The category of application also impacts the cost of the app. Possible app  categories are:

Simple Content Based Applications: These apps display notifications with minimal interaction.Examples are news apps, blogs, catalogues etc. Hence, the mobile app development cost for such apps can vary from $5,000 to $20,000. It depends on the complexity of the design and the additional features.

E-commerce Apps: E-commerce applications include listings, shopping carts, payment gateways, user profiles and other features. The cost can vary widely, ranging from $20,000 to over $100,000.

Social Networking Applications:

Social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. These apps require user profiles, messages, reports, and generally require integration with social media platforms. The cost of developing such apps typically ranges from $30,000 to $150,000.

On-Demand Applications: These apps make it easy to perform on-demand tasks such as grocery delivery, taxi booking, housekeeping, etc.

3. App complexity

An app is considered effective if it contains numerous diverse features. complexity level if the apps, sharing below:

Complexity Level of the Apps

Simple AppsMid-level AppsComplex Apps
Basic FeaturesIntegration with APlsCustom Animation
Standard Ul componentsCustom UlMedia Processing
Simple Backend- Predefined templates and analytic featuresReal-time messagingReal-time Sync.
Simple Backend- Defines a mild complexity appComplex Backend- Different types of database relationships

4. Location of Your Company

  • The location of the app development company and the type of team also play a major role in the cost of iOS app development.Moreover, iOS app development companies located in regions with high living wages such as North America, Western Europe, and Australia charge extra.
  • In contrast,  companies based in countries such as Eastern Europe, Asia, India, and South America charge less. Moreover, the type of development team also plays a role, such as executives, UI/UX designers, project managers, and quality control. So iOS app development cost in India is less than the U.S. 
  • They charge more than smaller teams or individual freelancers, with average hourly rates ranging from $50 to $250+.

5. App(UI/UX) Design

  • Wireframes – Wireframes are used to create user experience maps and features.This task is completed using tools like Photoshop, Balsamiq, MARVEL, etc.
  • UI Design – When building apps for iOS, flat design is used to achieve clarity and depth. For Android, material design is preferred as it shows creativity and simple boldness.For reference, you can also check out the differences between iOS and Android app design.
  • Animation – Animation is an additional but important feature for some apps such as social media, restaurants, games, etc.

Sharing cost breakdown of iOS development based on requirements, below:

App ProcessTasksAverage Development TimeAverage Development Cost
App-design researchMarket research,competitor analysis ,market trend analysis ,selecting ideal solutionBased on niche and available resource$100-$350
UX designRough sketches
Low fidelity wireframes
High fidelity wireframes
Simple- 10-14 hrs
Medium- 50-60 hrs
Complex- 150+ hrs
UI-design (visuals)Mood boards
UI mockup samples
Final UI mockups
Simple – 14-20 hrs
Medium- 80-90 hrs
Complex- 100+ hrs
BrandingCreating brand identityLogos, icons and social media$5,000-$20,000
Animations and illustrationsVisualizing user and on-screen content
Direct manipulation
User action visualization
Based on level of animations$1000-$20,000

6. Development Timeline

The development schedule directly impacts the iPhone app development price.Rushing the process to meet a tight deadline can lead to higher costs due to potential rework and last-minute changes. Allowing enough time for each development phase ensures a smoother and more cost-effective development process.

7. Use of Advanced Technology

Use of innovative technologies If your iOS app requires the use of innovative technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, AR/VR, etc.he final cost will increase.

Your development team will have to use specialized iOS SDKs and premium tools to develop innovative features.For iPhone apps, using these innovative features requires specialized developers and sometimes new development tools. Hence, it may be affected.

8. Third – Party Integration

Many apps have dependency on third-part services such as social media integration ,payments gateways,mapping services etc. Integrating these APIs into your app can require additional development time and incur licensing or usage fees that must be factored into your overall cost estimate.

9. Post Launch Support

User satisfaction depends on responding to user feedback and offering prompt support after your app launches. Setting aside funds for post-launch support guarantees that your app will continue to work and be maintained, which will improve user experiences.

IOS App Development Cost in India

In India, the cost of iOS development ranges  between ₹1,00,000 and ₹80,000,000. But in 2024, your real cost will depend on the kind of app, how complicated it is, your business plan, and the app developers.

Other Hidden Cost of IOS App Development

There are few hidden charges and cost associated with iOS app development other than we discussed earlier. These are:

Hidden Cost FactorsAverage Cost /Year
Data storage$500
App developer account cost$99
Annual iOS updates$1000
Monitoring and maintenance$4000 – 12000

Others – App store fees , App maintenance & update cost, customization according to location and legal cost.

Comparison with Android App development Cost

Check out the comparison with Android App Development Cost for a better understanding.

1. App Design –  As far as design is concerned, there is no significant difference in the time it takes to create an intuitive and functional UI design for Android and iOS. However, iOS app designs are considered to be better than Android. The reason for this small but significant difference could be the higher quality standards of the App Store. 

2. Development Time –  The time it takes to develop iPhone and Android apps is not easy to estimate. There are several factors that determine the time efficiency of the process.

 In terms of coding and languages ​​used, Java and Kotlin (used in Android development) are heavier languages ​​with more lines of code than Swift (used in iOS development) and Objective-C. 

Hence, for iOS, using Swift results in a quicker development process. Moreover, fragmentation also plays a key role in determining the development cost of Android and iOS apps. 

3. Data Security – iOS app development ensures complete data security and authentication, making it the best choice for business applications.This is because iOS offers centralized management to control  all connected iOS devices.Enterprises can also adopt BYOD  and use a variety of advanced mobile management tools.

4. App Launch – Apple have high standards and policy for app development and  publication . So sometimes it gets hard to get approval . After it gets approved The App store charges $99 per year as charges. whereas ,on play store, there is only one time fees of $25 and there are hard and fast rules and regulations.      

So the cost to develop an iOS app is more than an android app.

How Can Supportfly Help You in IOS Development

Whether you need a custom app for your business or want to explore the possibilities of wearable technology, we have the expertise to bring your ideas to life.

  • Custom IOS App Development: Our team works closely with you to understand your requirements and deliver a unique solution that exceeds your expectations.
  • iWatch App Development: We design and develop innovative iWatch apps that provide users with convenient access to key features and functionalities right from their wrists.
  • Apple TV App Development: We create engaging and interactive Apple TV apps that deliver rich content and immersive experiences to users in the comfort of their living rooms.
  • Integration and Migration: Whether you need to integrate your iOS app with third-party services or migrate your existing app to the iOS platform, we have you covered.
  • Wearable Apps: From fitness trackers to smartwatches, we design and develop innovative wearable apps that use the latest advancements in wearable technology.
  • Enterprise IOS Apps: We create powerful and scalable iOS apps that streamline operations, improve efficiency, and drive growth for businesses.


You may already know the approximate cost, but before you can estimate the cost of the application, you need to have a proper understanding of the cost breakdown of a particular iOS application. Professional iOS application development services are provided by an iOS developer or a team of iOS developers. From people who know the platform. iOS development costing requires a combination of technical and creative skills. iOS developers pay close attention to every detail to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck in app development.

There are various IOS app development companies available in the market.So, if you want to create a proper and fully functional application, choose the best mobile app development company like supportfly.