Hyper-V Server Management

Hyper-v servers are connected to design the host OS. Server the board is a local hypervisor. Hyper-v the board arranges open Source Linux Based VM's. The genuine intensity of VM's lies with Hyper-v server support. Server merchants and customers need to know the shrewd allotment innovation for asset portion and also a virtual improvement to upgrade framework exhibitions.

Hyper-V Server management is a chopped down variant of Microsoft Windows Server, which enables you to have at least one virtual machine. It gives indistinguishable usefulness from finding in Hyper-V on Windows server (or Windows 8), however without the realistic UI or some other additional items so it must be arranged utilizing the order line. While the direction line interface isn't as simple to use as the GUI interface would be, it has one major favorable position - its free!

A Hyper-V dashboard gives an answer in controlling different windows variant like Windows 2008, Windows 2008 R2 and 2012, both 32 and 64-bit renditions. SupportFly IT Services is an old deliver the virtualization framework for Hyper-V server support.

Core Hyper-V Management


Installation and configuration of Windows Server 2008/2012.


Installation & configuration of the Hyper-V server.


Basic Hyper-V server administration & management.


Configuring Open Source Linux Based VM’s.

VM Migrations

Third Party Open Source Installations like LAMP, Red5.

Manage Guest OS

Manage your guest OS on your virtual machines.

Capabilities & Support

Enhanced security with single-tenant architecture and network security.

Cluster setup

Cluster setup, configuration with fail-over solutions.


Service Optimizations & Disk Management.

Log Analysis

Proactive Log analysis & monitoring.

Storage Management

Network, disk storage management

Systems Upgrade

Periodic systems upgrade.

Advantages of Monitoring Hyper-V

Managed Service Plans

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