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How to Register/Refresh Imunify360 License using CLI

When it comes to Linux web server security, Imunify360 emerges as a leading shield, providing layers of protection with its sophisticated firewall, malware detection, and proactive defence mechanisms. Keeping your Imunify360 license active is vital for ensuring continuous protection against online threats. This comprehensive guide will take you through activating or updating your Imunify360 license via the Command Line Interface (CLI), offering a straightforward approach for direct server management tasks.

Introduction to Using CLI with Imunify360

The Command Line Interface (CLI) of Imunify360 allows for efficient interaction with the software, enabling administrators to perform a variety of actions without the need for a graphical interface. This capability is especially useful for scripting automated tasks or managing servers without direct physical access.

Requirements Before Starting

Before initiating the license activation or update process, make sure you have:

  • Root access on your Linux server.
  • Imunify360 installed on your server. Installation guides can be found in Imunify360’s official documentation if needed.
  • An Imunify360 license key, which is issued upon purchasing or subscribing to the service.

Activating Imunify360 License via CLI

Follow these instructions to activate your Imunify360 license using the CLI:

  • Access Your Server: Use a terminal application or an SSH client to log into your server as the root user.
  • Run the Activation Command: To activate your license, input the following command:
imunify360-agent register YOUR_LICENSE_KEY

Substitute YOUR_LICENSE_KEY with the actual license key you received from Imunify360.

  • Confirm Activation: To ensure the activation was successful, you can check Imunify360’s status by executing:
imunify360-agent status

This command will display the current operational status of Imunify360, including the license activation status.

Updating Your Imunify360 License

Should there be a need to update or refresh your license (e.g., after modifying your subscription), proceed as follows:

  • Login as Root: Ensure that you are logged into your server as root.
  • Refresh the License: Execute the command below to update your license information:
imunify360-agent reread

This action instructs Imunify360 to re-verify its license status with the server and apply any subscription changes.

  • Check the Update: Verify the license has been refreshed and is active by checking the service status as described above.

Tips for Troubleshooting

In case of issues during activation or refresh:

  • Verify your server’s internet connectivity and accessibility to the Imunify360 license server.
  • Check for errors in the license key entry.
  • Consult Imunify360 documentation or seek support for additional help.

Imunify360 Management with SupportFly

Dealing with Imunify360, whether it’s about refreshing your license or getting everything set up, can sometimes get a bit tricky. That’s where our team at SupportFly comes in! We’re here to make things a lot easier for you. Our experts know Imunify360 inside and out, and they’re ready to help you with any big issues you might run into.

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To maintain your web server’s security integrity, it’s crucial to keep your Imunify360 license current. Utilizing the CLI for license management not only simplifies this task but also ensures that your server benefits from uninterrupted security services. Regularly monitoring your license status will help prevent any unexpected service interruptions.

By adhering to this guide, you’re taking a significant step towards safeguarding your server with Imunify360’s advanced security features, ensuring your digital environment remains secure against emerging threats.