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How To Fix Text That Does Not Appear Right (Windows)

The texts may display rough or off sometimes due to some technical glitches, hardware or driver issues, server system registry corruption or malware infection, when a windows VPS is created. This article provides you the options to edit your browser window’s appearance and correct possible text display issues.

The steps following given in this article are in regards to changing the settings in Windows 10. However, steps should be very similar within any Windows OS.

Text Looks Boxy Or Fuzzy

Step 1: Tap on the Start or Windows Icon or use your Windows Search feature, and search ClearType.

Step 2: When “Adjust ClearType Text “appears as an option, select it.

Step 3: Check the “Turn on ClearType” check-box and click on “Next” to continue.  Proceed through the option to see if the text appears better with available options.

Step 4:  Click on “Finish” when it’s done.

Adjust Your Windows Appearance

Step 1: On your Windows, tap on the Start or Windows Icon and using your Windows Search feature type “Appearance“, when “Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows” shows as an available option, select it.

Step 2:  Uncheck the “Smooth edges of screen fonts” in “Visual Effects”  and click on “Apply”.

Step 3: Refresh or reopen your browser and notice the change.

Adjust Your Windows Display

Step 1: Go to the Desktop, Right-Click on your desktop and select “Display Settings

Step 2:  Make sure “Display” is selected from the available options shown on the left and locate the “Scale and layout” options. Here you can adjust your “text size”, “Display Resolution”, and “Display Orientation” from the given options.

Step 3: If after changing your display settings, the appearance did not resolve your situation. Select Revert to restore your prior display settings.

If your display disappears or it becomes difficult to revert, your display should automatically revert if you do not manually select to keep the new changes.

Font Options If Using Chrome

Step 1:  Open your Google Chrome Browser and select the “Settings” option from the available drop-down given in the top right three dots.

Step 2: Find the “Appearance” option.  Here you can adjust the Font Size, Customise Fonts, and Page Zoom appearance. After adjusting any of these or all of these your browser may appear better.

Font Options If Using Mozilla Firefox

Step 1:  Open your Firefox browser and select the “settings” Icon from top right three lines and find the ‘“Language and Appearance” option .  Here you can change the current font and font size.  These changes may fix your current display settings within your Firefox browser. However, click on “Advanced…” for more options.

Step 2:  Adjust fonts in Advanced Settings, and select OK when done, reopen your browser to ensure changes are stuck.

If you want to restore to default, select Default (Times New Roman), and the default settings.

Font Options If Using Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer and select the “Settings” icon from the top right three dots. Find the “Appearance” and select “Fonts” to adjust your font settings.


In this article, we have covered all the important steps to fix the text or font that does not appear right in windows. We recommend you to follow these steps To improve readability and enhance user experience overall, enhance usability, productivity, ultimately leading to a more satisfying and effective computing experience.

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