Apache CloudStack Server Management

As we all know already, cloud computing has become an important part for many companies today. What I am going to discuss here is a well-known open source cloud computing software called Apache CloudStack.

CloudStack can be simply defined as a cloud computing software mostly used for deployments and managing the infrastructure-cloud services. Most of the clients of CloudStack will be service providers and other IT enterprises as they can provide on-demand cloud computing services in the form of a self-service virtual machine to their users.

There are three deployment models for CloudStack, which are Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud services. It is an infrastructure service (laaS) cloud-computing platform.

Cloudstack now supports most prevalent hypervisors like VMware, KVM, XenServer, and Xen Cloud Platform. Cloudstack users can easily manage their cloud with a web interface which is very easy to use and to get familiar. In addition to that, CloudStack provides an API that’s compatible with AWS [email protected] and S3 for the clients who wish to deploy hybrid clouds.

Why Apache Cloudstack?

Open Source

CloudStack is feature-rich right out of the box.

Smooth Deployment

CloudStack is best suited for Enterprises.

Enterprise Ready

ACS has been used for creating and deploying an unparalleled number CloudStack.

Managed Service Plans

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Features of Apache CloudStack Management

High Compatibility

Amazon Web Services API is compatible with CloudStack providing high Performance and Availability of your business.

Multi - Tenant

CloudStack management supports most secured Multi-Tenant cloud computing environment, along with deployment of virtual servers with single click.

No Downtime

We perform server migration, database migration causing No Data Loss and Downtime to your server.

Multiple Hypervisor Support

In CloudStack, a single cloud can run Multiple Hypervisors like KVM, Citrix XenServer and etc to furnish users to work with compatible hypervisor.

24/7 Management Service

WeboDesk management exerts are Available 24/7 to serve you better CloudStack management service.

Failure Mitigation

Our management experts are up to assist to Reduce the Failure of server due to threats and updating system to avoid system failure.

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