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Solus Virtual Manager (SOLUSVM) is an incredible GUI based VPS the executive's framework with full OpenVZ, Linux KVM, Xen Paravirtualization and Xen HVM support. It's great yet it's anything but a swap for Server Management and designing the fundamental innovation effectively can be both dubious and tedious. With this SOLUSVM server the board plan we give boundless administrator work like establishment, arrangement, investigating issues which all come under Solusvm server support.

Solusvm server management is the business standard control board for overseeing OpenVZ, Xen and KVM based virtual servers and it is basic for web facilitating organizations and undertakings. Our SOLUSVM server the executive’s framework is intended to convey everything from establishment to relocation, enhancement and investigating.

In exceptionally straightforward words the Solus VM is Virtual Server Manager which explicitly manages Virtualization Technologies and Management. The Solusvm server management includes Hardware Node, Server Log Monitoring, Basic Server Security, VPS Technologies like OpenVZ/Xen PV/KVM, SOLUSVM VPS Migration, Backup Restoration and some more.

Server Log Analysis

Restart Services

Restart Services if necessary and Required

Fix issues

Fix issues for services with problems


We are applying updates and patches

What Do We offer?

In general, SOLUSVM is the most prevalent control board to oversee servers and heaps of individuals these days are moving from shared facilitating to VPS facilitating in light of its full control. There is no setup expense, no term contract and no shrouded accuses of our administrations. Subsequently, on the off chance that you need to appreciate the boundless time of server organization or begin with another server setup, our SOLUSVM Server the board designs are most prescribed plans for servers offering virtualization administrations.

We at SupportFly IT Services go out of the way to deal with the server at any time of time with no bargain of postponement in time. Our framework executives are

SolusVM Server

We'll completely set up and manage your SolusVM servers. We settle for nothing less than the best performance!

Managed Service Plans

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SolusVM Server Management Services


With SolusVM you can perform fully automated VPS creation & reinstallation management.


SolusVM allows you to easily manage start and stop services of your vps server and can also reboot it.


SolusVM allows you to backup or restore all virtual servers to an assigned, per host node, FTP server.

Updates Applied

SolusVM allows you to applying updates and patches as required to your vps server with ease.

Actions Log

You can check certain actions like vps reboot or root password change which were made from the panel.

Resources Settings

Manage the resources of your vps such as RAM, load average, bandwidth and disk utilization over time.

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