Mail Enable Server Management

Mail Enable provides hosting providers or ISPs with a solid email platform that provides all of the required features at a reasonable price. Mail Enable generates cost savings by reducing both hardware expenditure and downtime, and most significantly, by providing a flexible licensing model.

MailEnable provides an end to end solution for providing secure email and collaboration services. A recent independent survey reports MailEnable as the most popular Windows Mail Server Platform in the world.

Whether you are a hosting company providing email services to thousands of end users or a small business with a single domain, MailEnable provides a solution that will impress your mail users.

Extensive integration with Microsoft Outlook is what sets MailEnable apart from other email servers. MailEnable supports real time updates in both directions, not just via a synchronisation add-in, delivering the same functionality as Microsoft Exchange.

Why Choose Mail Enable Server

Administration & Mail Provisioning

The platform is lean and robust, designed to perform

Multi-domain Support

MailEnable processes mail for multiple domains on a single server!

Affordably Priced

MailEnable Standard Edition is provided free of charge,

Managed Service Plans

Worried about server security ?
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MailEnable Features

World Class Webmail Interface

A very powerful and simple to use webmail interface for sophisticated and casual users alike, all secured by a HTTPS (SSL) connection.

Advanced Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus

Easily collaborate with everyone in the organization through secured group chats or sharing calendars, contacts, tasks and notes.

Restore User Data

SmarterMail makes it easy to restore user data directly within the Web interface, without needing to restart the SmarterMail service.

Data-at-Rest Protection

We store all our hosted customer’s email and other data on 256-bit AES encrypted storage volumes, including the daily backups.

Domain Administrator

Take full control of all mailboxes for your organization using a secured web administration portal. Add, Modify and Delete user mailboxes.

Built-in Chat System

Instant communication with your team members is possible using the built-in secured chat system available through Desktop or Mobile!

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