Managed Linode Server Provider

Linode cloud instance is more complex for a simple use to get through. We at SupportFly are a pioneer in setting up and configuring instances in Linode. SupportFly can help in deploying and configuration of the instance in Linode for performance and speed.

SupportFly also undertake recovery and downtime support in thus platform ensuring the user data are never lost in the process and the instance is recovered to full. We welcome to use our support if have any issue or need in Linode.

Managed Service Plans

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Linode Cloud Supported Services

Cloud Support Services

SupportFly team can help in setting up and configuring nodes in Linode including any configuration like snapshots, backups, disk, kernels etc.

Network & Hardware Services

Our engineers will help in configuring private networks and virtual networks in Linode including setting up IPV6 and RDNS for nodes.

Domain services

We will help you to integrate your domains to Linode name servers and configure records with utmost precision like A, MX, SPF, DKIM, DMARC etc.

Scaling & Cloning Solutions

Our team will help you in setting up floating IPs, load balancers for scaling and also provide help in handling cloning solutions in your Linode environment.

Architecture Design

We will help in deploying and build environments for your applications/ website from simple architecture to High Availability Architecture on Linode Cloud.

Weekly Linode Auditing

A weekly auditing will be initiated for your complete Linode infrastructure and proper action and updates will be done as per the auditing report to make the architecture secure and stable.

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