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How to Manage FTP Accounts in Plesk

Managing FTP (File Transfer Protocol) accounts in Plesk is a critical task for website administrators, allowing them to grant access to the server space for uploading, downloading, and managing files. Plesk, a comprehensive control panel solution, simplifies this process through its user-friendly interface. This blog will guide you through everything you need to know about managing FTP accounts in Plesk, ensuring secure and efficient access to your server.

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Understanding FTP Accounts

Before diving into the management process, it’s essential to understand what FTP accounts are. An FTP account provides access to the server’s files through FTP clients like FileZilla or WinSCP. Each account can be configured with specific permissions and access to certain directories, ensuring users can only access the files necessary for their role.

Creating an FTP Accounts in Plesk

To set up new FTP accounts in Plesk, please follow the instructions below:

1. Sign into your Plesk account.

2. Navigate to Websites & Domains by clicking on it in the left sidebar.

3. Find the specific domain you wish to create an FTP account for and select FTP Access.

4. On the page for FTP Accounts, opt for Add an FTP Account.

5. Within the Add an Additional FTP Account section, go to General and enter a username for the new account in the FTP account name field.

6. Specify the root (home) directory for the account in the Home directory field. You can also click the folder icon to browse and select the directory.

7. Enter a password for the account in the New password field and confirm it by typing it again in the Confirm password field.

8. To finalize, click OK. This action will prompt Plesk to establish the account.

Modifying FTP Accounts in Plesk

If you need to update the settings of existing FTP accounts in Plesk, such as changing the password for enhanced security (a highly recommended routine practice), follow these instructions:

1. Access your Plesk dashboard by logging in.

2. Navigate to “Websites & Domains” using the left sidebar menu.

3. Find and select the domain associated with the FTP account you wish to update, then click on “FTP Access”.

4. In the list on the “FTP Accounts” page, click on the account you intend to update.

5. Update the necessary information in the provided fields. For instance, to update the password, enter the new password in both the “New password” and “Confirm password” fields.

6. Confirm the updates by clicking “OK”. Plesk will apply the changes to the account.

Deleting FTP Accounts in Plesk

To remove FTP accounts in Plesk, please follow the instructions below:

1. Sign into your Plesk account.

2. Click on “Websites & Domains” in the left sidebar.

3. Find the domain associated with the FTP account you wish to delete, and click on “FTP Access”.

4. On the “FTP Accounts” page, find the account you intend to delete and tick the checkbox next to its name.

5. Click on “Remove”.

6. Confirm the deletion by clicking “Yes” when prompted with “Remove the selected FTP accounts?”. Plesk will then proceed to delete the specified account(s).

Security Tips for FTP Accounts in Plesk

  • Use Strong Passwords: Always use strong, unique passwords for each FTP account and change them regularly.
  • Limit Access: Restrict FTP accounts to only the directories they need access to, minimising potential damage in case of an account compromise.
  • Monitor Account Usage: Regularly check the FTP access logs for any unusual activity or unauthorised access attempts.
  • Use SFTP: Whenever possible, use Secure FTP (SFTP) instead of plain FTP to encrypt the connection and enhance security.


Managing FTP accounts in Plesk is a straightforward process that plays a crucial role in website administration and security. By following the steps outlined above, you can ensure that users have the appropriate access they need to perform their tasks efficiently while maintaining the security and integrity of your server’s files. Regularly reviewing and updating FTP account permissions and security settings is good practice to protect your online presence.


Q1. How do I manage FTP users?

To manage FTP users, log into your hosting control panel (e.g., cPanel, Plesk), navigate to the FTP section, and there you can add, modify, or delete FTP accounts. You can change passwords, update directory access, and adjust any settings related to individual FTP users.

Q2. How do I access FTP on Plesk?

To access FTP on Plesk:

Log into Plesk.
Go to “Websites & Domains.”
Select the domain you want to manage.
Click on “FTP Access” to view or manage your FTP accounts.

Q3. How do I access my FTP account?

To access your FTP account:
Open an FTP client (like FileZilla, WinSCP).
Enter your website’s domain name or IP address, FTP username, and password.
Specify the port (usually 21 for FTP) and connect. If your hosting uses SFTP, the port might be 22.

Q4. How do I add an FTP account?

To add an FTP account:

Log into your hosting control panel (such as cPanel, Plesk).
Navigate to the FTP section.
Click on “Add FTP Account” or similar.
Fill in the username, password, and directory access for the new account.
Save or confirm to create the new FTP account.

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