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How To Fix “Your IP address has changed” Error In cPanel?

If you have ever attempted to log into cPanel and/or Web Host Manager (WHM) and received the error message “Your IP address has changed,”  this can be a very annoying experience!

Encountering an error message like “Your IP address has changed” in cPanel can be sometimes confusing, but the solution is very easy and quick, you can make your cPanel work again in a few minutes.So don’t stress, we’ve got you covered. With this guide, we will walk you through simple steps of how To Fix “Your IP address has changed” Error In cPanel so that you can resolve this issue quickly. This guide is a very important part of our cPanel server management service, so read the complete blog to get a better understanding and solve your issue quickly.

How To Fix “Your IP address has changed” Error In cPanel?

Here are the steps to help you with the issue of how To Fix “Your IP address has changed” Error In cPanel. By following these steps you can fix “Your IP address has changed” in cPanel effectively.

Understanding the “Your IP address has changed” Error

Understanding the Your IP address has changed Error

The “Your IP address has changed” error usually pops up when your internet connection or network configuration undergoes a change. While it might seem like a roadblock, the fix is simpler than it appears. It’s a security feature in cPanel designed to protect your account.

When the system detects a variance between the access IP address and the cookie IP address, it automatically triggers the “Your IP has changed” error. This immediate log-out mechanism is a security protocol designed to preemptively thwart any compromise of your cPanel session.

Identifying the Error

When you see a message stating “Your IP address has changed” upon trying to log into cPanel or WHM, it signals that the system has detected a change in your IP address.

Steps to Fix “Your IP address has changed” Error In cPanel

Step 1: Re-Logging into cPanel:

Begin by re-logging into your cPanel account using your credentials. If you’re unsure how to do this, contact your hosting provider for assistance.

Step 2: Accessing cPanel’s Security Section:

Once logged in, navigate to the “Security” section. This might be labeled as “Security Center” or similar, depending on your cPanel version.

Step 3: Finding the “IP Address Has Changed” Option:

Look for an option related to IP addresses. In some versions, it might be explicitly named “IP Address Has Changed” or something similar.

Step 4: Clicking the Option:

Click on the identified option to proceed to the settings related to the IP address change error.

Step 5: Confirming IP Address:

In this section, you might find details about your current and previous IP addresses. Verify that the displayed IP address matches your current one.

Step 6: Updating IP Address:

If your IP address has indeed changed, there should be an option to update it. Click on this option, and cPanel will refresh and sync with your new IP address.

Step 7: Clearing Browser Cache:

After updating the IP address, it’s a good practice to clear your browser cache. This ensures that your browser recognizes the changes made in cPanel.

Step 8: Logging Out and In Again:

Log out of your cPanel account and log back in. This helps in re-establishing the session with the updated IP address.

Step 9: Checking Website Connections:

If you have websites linked to your cPanel, ensure they are connecting correctly. Sometimes, content management systems or FTP clients might need adjustments due to the IP address change.

Step 10: Contacting Support if Needed:

If the issue persists or if you’re uncomfortable making these changes, don’t hesitate to contact your hosting provider’s support. They are there to assist and support you with any technical issues you’re facing.

The Importance of IP Synchronization

Synchronizing the IP address is pivotal not only for resolving the error but also for maintaining the integrity of the security measures in place. Users must verify and update their IP addresses whenever a change occurs to guarantee a secure and uninterrupted cPanel experience.


While you see “Your IP has changed on your computer screen. Please login again” error might initially seem like an inconvenience, understanding its origin as a security feature brings clarity. The strict Cookie IP validation in cPanel is a testament to the commitment to user security.

Resolving the “Your IP address has changed” error in cPanel is a straightforward process. By following these simple steps of How To Fix “Your IP address has changed” Error In cPanel, you can ensure that your cPanel account stays secure and accessible even after changes in your IP address. If you’re ever uncertain about the process and the issues, reach out to SupportFly for professional assistance who is the best server management and support provider. It is equipped to guide you through any technical challenges you might encounter.

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