Managed Digital Ocean Cloud Services

Digitalocean cloud platform is a standout out of all the other platform available. Their packaged cloud resources make it easy for the consumer to use their platform and control pricing accordingly.

SupportFly has been following digital ocen from their start and is very familiar with all the setup procedure and product lineups and its configuration. As a result, we take up simple tasks like creating a and deploying instances and spaces to more complex ones, like creating a cluster, configuring floating IP, recovering instance etc.

Managed Service Plans

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Regular updates

We make sure to install and update the software on the server. This is done to make sure that the server is using the latest available features.

Data protection

Each of the files that are present on the server is under constant monitoring and is kept safe from any kind of attack that might happen.

Server maintenance

digital ocean server management is going to help you out with the whole process including the maintenance and completion of other daily operations of the server.

System monitoring

All the resources of the digital ocean web hosting server are monitored regularly. These resources include bandwidth and CPU.

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