Why use cPanel?

cPanel is the go-to control panel for most hosting services. It uses GUI so even if you have zero technical knowledge, you’d still find it user-friendly. That means you wouldn’t have to worry about your server processes consuming too much of your time.

There’s also a wide combination of features waiting for you such as mail, security, database, third-party apps and whatnot. cPanel is also compatible with many famous browsers.

cPanel Features


Configure your server easily even with zero technical experience with cPanel’s super-efficient GUI.


From editing your website to allocating space for your pages, every task you require can be done in one click.

Multiple Accounts

Resellers can manage multiple accounts with a tiered management structure online, from anywhere in the world.

cPanel Plans



Per Month, USD

Up-to 5 accounts

small businesses, freelancers or anyone needing just one hosting account.



Per Month, USD

Up-to 30 accounts

Best for small to mid-level agencies, businesses, developers and web designers.



Per Month, USD

Up-to 50 accounts

Best for mid-level businesses and large agencies that are growing.



Per Month, USD

Up-to 100 Accounts
Every account above 100 accounts is $0.10 each

Best for data centers, enterprise-level businesses and larger web hosts.

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